Sunday, September 3, 2017

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Monday, August 28, 2017

Orizzonte Terra human resources and services are available for the implementation of:
- the technical assistance to cooperation initiatives, undertaken by donor countries organizations active in fund  raising and human resources mobilization,

 - the framing of alliances with organizations from other donor countries, in the submission of financial proposals,
- the technical assistance to cooperation initiatives, undertaken by beneficiary countries organizations active in the mobilization of human and technical resources,
- linking economic organizations with counterparts in beneficiary countries, which, in order to assembly production and distribution resources, need that favorable conditions be developed, in the economic, social and cultural field.
To achieve such goals Orizzonte Terra is committed:
- to build linkages between complementary realities,
- to assembly and to supply updated knowledge and skills, matching those already existing in the needed areas,
- to establish and to implement partnerships and alliances.
International cooperation addresses the containment of the unwanted impact of economic globalization, by broad-spectrum actions also targeting social and cultural issues.

The critical points of the tuning and integration of different perspectives and expectations - coexisting in economic growth - are also opportunities for the establishing acquaintance and partnerships between peoples.

Implementation of specific initiatives of solidarity and cooperation - a part solving the technical issues at stake – has to build local skills and ignites the mobilization of beneficiaries towards the improvement of their conditions.

Technical and managerial knowledge and skills are spread quite everywhere, their integration can be often achieved by the injection of a well targeted external contribution, within a limited timeframe.

Thus, beneficiaries’ empowerment and ownership in the knowledge and skills mobilized by a project are the core and rational of cooperation initiatives.

The dynamic process of acquisition of such knowledge and skills - the task of many stakeholders – should be built on the continuous learning and updating of the sustaining agency, in the professional, cultural and legal fields.

Goal of Orizzonte Terra is the involvement of people and organizations, with different histories and purposes, in tackling specific issues and in streamlining updated knowledge and skills into the participatory elaboration and implementation of solutions.
Orizzonte Terra initiatives address critical points for the economic, social and cultural growth and development, as well as for the integration of emerging countries in the global trends:
- the promotion of cultural diversity and human rights,
- the development of knowledge and skills in the fields of associations, organization, technology, management and governance,
- the creation of links, partnerships and alliances between people and organizations from different countries
- the flourishing of cooperation, solidarity and voluntarism values,
- cultural, education and information exchanges,
- learning, vocational training and capacity building,
- scouting and building up knowledge and skills in the field of cooperation, at the local and international level,
- studying and solving economic, social and cultural problems, related to development and globalization,
- environmental and cultural heritage conservation and valorization,
- conflicts prevention and mitigation,
- sustainable socio-economic development, locally, nationally and internationally,

- relief management, prevention and mitigation of natural disasters and human conflicts, and relief management.
New initiatives addressing the expectations born at the contact between different societies and cultures, in the context of globalization, often lack the full range of knowledge and skills needed to address such challenges.

Thus, the build-up of partnerships and alliances is critical in addressing the problems embedded in the multiple dimensions of human doing.

Donors carefully appraise the integrity and practical meaning of cooperation initiatives. They don’t relay on the mere good will of the stakeholders of a project.

Humanitarian interventions usually answer to the beneficiaries’ representatives requests of collaboration. Such proposals have to be formalized and dealt with by the recourse to project tools, in order to ensure stakeholders of the existence of opportunities as well as of the practical meaning and impact of the forecast initiatives.

The culture of cooperation is embedded in the development of poor countries. Priority should be given to initiatives building on the practical integration and long term partnerships between aid providers and people and organizations active in emerging countries.

Cooperation initiatives are framed in several steps, since actions identification till visibility actions and results dissemination, through project elaboration, fund raising, implementation, monitoring and evaluation and hand over of the outcome to beneficiaries.

Beneficiaries’ empowerment and ownership of the outcome of such initiatives are key issues. The sustainability of an action mostly depends on their skills – in management, technology adaptation, market access, etc. –, which must exist by the end of the initiative.

Thus, a cooperation project success involves the tuning and integration of flexibility, experience, professional updating and a multi-disciplinary approach.

Orizzonte Terra members are involved in our development cooperation initiatives through their participation in the study of problems, the elaboration of strategies, methodologies and projects for their resolution, and the assemblage and supply of knowledge and skills for the deployment of such initiatives.
Orizzonte Terra has developed and continuously updates an original theoretical analysis of cultural, social and economic development, and utilizes the output of such exercise in the organization and implementation of the theoretical, managerial and collaboration tools, to be employed in the growth and integration between different people, communities. Cultures and countries.